Creating value by searching for the right opportunity

An alternative investment strategy


Who we are

We are an entrepreneurial investment firm. Patria Private Capital was founded by an INSEAD MBA graduate with the sole purpose of finding a single business to acquire and actively manage. Our expertise is backed by business professionals who are seasoned investors and successful entrepreneurs with extensive experience in sourcing deals, structuring transactions, and manage small and medium sized businesses

Our target

We focus on businesses with an annual turnover EUR 5 to 30 million and EBITDA of EUR 1 to 5 million.  We search for profitable businesses with great customer satisfaction, demonstrable growth potential and recurring revenues.

An alternative investment approach

Our sole objective is to acquire, operate and grow a single business in an entrepreneurial way.

We ensure that your company's legacy and mission continue to grow and generate a positive impact to the broader community.
​Our interests as entrepreneurs are aligned with those of business owners, which allows us to tailor a transaction that better suits the specific needs and develop strong relationships with sellers to fully understand their motivations, financial and non-financial.

​We are private investors with a long term view and are fully committed to retaining and strengthening relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders.

Investment Approach


We are an entrepreneurial invesment firm established to identify, acquire and operate a single, profitable private small/medium enterprise in Italy, which generates an EBITDA of 1 ‐ 5 million euros. 

Business Owners

Selling your business is a decision involving many emotional, financial, and practical consideration.


Discover why work with us and how our innovative entrepreneurial approach  is mutually beneficial. 

Our Team


Patria Private Capital was founded by an INSEAD MBA graduate.  He is backed by successful and experienced investors and entrepreneurs.


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